Services Offered

Healing Touch Chiropractic is a modern facility known for its range of Chiropractic techniques and other services including:

Functional Neurology:  Dr. Easter is currently working on a post doctoral degree in Chiropractic Neurology.  According to Dr. Ted Carrick the head of the Carrick Institute;

"Typically, a chiropractic neurologist serves in the same consulting manner as a medical neurologist. The difference is that the therapies or applications of a chiropractic neurologist do not include drugs or surgery. As a result, certain conditions are more customarily seen by a chiropractic neurologist, as opposed to a medical neurologist, and vice versa. Specifically, our people, chiropractic functional neurologists, see patients with a variety of movement disorders, dystonia, post stroke rehabilitation, and radiculopathy or nerve entrapment syndromes that are consequences of peripheral or central types of lesions. Chiropractic neurologists can provide therapies and treatments, as well as counsel, when there is a diagnostic dilemma or a question of appropriateness of care."

Balance/Posture Testing:  These android apps allow a thorough assesment of your vestibular and sensory-motor systems and allows for tailoring treatments for faster results, and prevention of future injuries. 


Disturbances in balance and posture can be linked to pain, both specific to the neck , Low back and general, as well as learning ability (both physical and mental).  Even higher brain functions such as behavior have been implicated by recent research.



Lab testing:  Dr. Easter is a member of a lab testing co-op and can have any lab testing you need done at a fraction of the retail cost.

Nutrition:  Dr. Easter offers nutritional testing and supplementation advice.

Spinal Adjustment using various chiropractic techniques including:

Full Spine Diversified
Thompson Drop
Toggle Recoil Upper Cervical


Other Services


  • On-Premise X-Ray Facility