I met Dr. Easter in 2004. He was promoting his practice in the community. I had never had an experience with chiropractics as a child or in adulthood. My husband however had many years of experience. He was at that time interested in visiting Dr. Easter. I however was not. I had recently given birth to our fifth child and used that as a way to avoid a visit. I accompanied my husband to his first visit. My husband then became a regular patient in the office.

I have worked in the medical field and have also been a "professional patient", as I am a cancer survivor. I was also working on getting into medical school when my health began to decline. I had little energy, suffered anxiety attacks to the point it was effecting my quality of life, had vertigo, and terrible allergies. I went to my doctor and after numerous tests, blood work, referrals, and additional tests, I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency and iron deficiency anemia. I was put on B12 injections, hospitalized and treated with an iron infusion therapy.

After many discussions with my husband I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Easter. I was a little unsure at my first visit. Dr. Easter listened carefully to all the information I shared regarding my health and concerns. He was very informative regarding chiropractics and how he felt I could benefit from treatment. Dr. Easter began my adjustments slowly and increased at a pace that I was comfortable with.

I had been taking several psychology courses and each visit would discuss mind/body connection with Dr. Easter. He shared a wealth of information with me at every visit. I began to see amazing progress in my recovery and how much better my quality of life was improving. I was finally able to live normally again. I have continued my treatment with Dr. Easter, not only do I feel that he has given me back my quality of life and a better road to overall wellness, his wealth of knowledge and passion for chiropractics helped me to decide to make a bigger change to my future. I am now a student at Life University working toward an education in chiropractics.

I can not thank Dr. Easter enough for the contribution he has made to my life, health, and the overall wellness of my family.

Tammy Hall